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Is your energy meter spying on you?


A recent article by, Is your home’s energy meter spying on you?“, revealed some unsettling news about household energy meters. Reportedly, “the electric wattage readings can decipher what type of activities a customer is engaged in, such as watching TV, using a computer or even how long someone spends cooking.”

What are your thoughts?

Audrey Roseby, 33, administrative assistant
“I knew that thing was up to no good.”

Adam Lynn, 26, bank teller
“Great, now everyone’s gonna know that I never cook and all I do is watch TV. It can probably tell how fat I am too.”

Bruce Mackay, 46, sanitation specialist
“Can it detect dead bodies?”

Edward Young, 31, research analyst
“Jeez, just imagine what would happen if terrorists got ahold of that information…”

Walter King, 52, retired Navy Seal
“I’m aware of the issue, I’ve been performing reconnaissance on all my household appliances.”

Lila Brinson, 23, receptionist

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